Sermons from Joshua

A Father's Commitment - Ken Endean

February 10, 2013, Various, 2013 Sermons
Joshua 24:14-15

We Will Serve the Lord - John Detwiler, Sr.

May 20, 2007, Various, 2007 Sermons
Joshua 24:15
Audio available by request.

Meditation for Memorization

August 27, 2003, Mark Minnick, 2003 Sermons
Joshua 1:8
Audio available by request.

Be Strong and of Good Courage

May 07, 1997, Jeff Rush, Audio CD only
Joshua 1:1-9
Audio available by request.


July 09, 1995, John Tipton, Audio CD only
Joshua 5:13-15
Audio available by request.

Choice of Gods / Choice of Destinies

June 20, 1993, Mark Minnick, Family: Husbands & Wives
Joshua 24:1-28
Audio available by request.

Sanctify Yourselves

May 08, 1991, Mark Minnick, Audio CD only
Joshua 3:5
Audio available by request.

Monotheism, Part 1: Only One God, Proven

July 14, 1985, Mark Minnick, Knowing God
Joshua 24:15
Audio available by request.
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