Sermons in January 2019

Missionary Presentation

January 16, 2019, Missions Presentatio..., 2019 Sermons

The Fundamentals of All Truly Christian Living: Part V

January 13, 2019, Mark Minnick, 2019 Sermons
Romans 12:1-2


January 13, 2019, Mark Minnick, Catechism: Treeology Theology

Overview of Adult Sunday School 2019

January 13, 2019, Robert Vincent, 2019 Sermons

Love Gives Confidence When Called to Account

January 09, 2019, Mark Minnick, 2019 Sermons
1 John 4:17

Using Theology to Study the Bible in 2019

January 06, 2019, Brian Collins, 2019 Sermons

Practical Family Religion

January 06, 2019, David Boyd, 2019 Sermons

Family Catechism, Presented by Dr. Dan Dahlhausen and Dr. Eric Newton

January 06, 2019, Various, 2019 Sermons

Restoring and Recommissioning

January 02, 2019, Mark Minnick, 2019 Sermons
John 21:15-19
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Offline We offer livestreaming to those in our church family dealing with extended illness or who are "shut-in." We are not able to offer it more widely at this time. Audio of sermons is typically available within minutes after a sermon concludes.

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