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Released Time

History: In October 2004, we officially began a relationship with Cherrydale Elementary School that has blossomed into a warm friendship. With the permission of Scarlet Black, the school principal, and the blessing of many parents, we were afforded the opportunity to pick up students from school on Wednesday afternoons during the final half hour of the school day. After transporting the students to our church, we spend about one hour in Bible class activities, have a tasty snack, and then work away at homework until about 4:30.

We hold separate classes divided either according to academic grade or gender. The leadership team in each class consists of a teacher, an assistant teacher, and, if possible, other helpers. The teacher coordinates the involvement of the leadership team in the singing, lessons, activities, etc.


 Released Time Ministry Team (2014-15)


Busdrivers: Nathan Dion, Malcolm Evans, Jesse Keck, Pastor Vincent


Bus riders: T. Payne (1), Vincents (3), Dahlhausens (3), Naselli (arrive in time to depart for CES by 1:55)



Coordinating Teacher: Cathy Payne

Assistant Teachers: Elena Reyes, Susan Evans, Sophia Vincent, Elijah Buffalino


First Grade:

Coordinating Teacher: Valorie Barnett

Assistant Teachers: Kathy Oliver, Heidi Barnett, Anna Burrell


Second Grade Girls:

Coordinating Teacher: Jeanne Vincent

Assistant Teachers: Margaret Sterr, Leah Buffalino


Third Grade Girls:

Coordinating Teacher: Dottie Smitley

Assistant Teachers: Mary Kraus, Chris Dewey

Helper: Allison Sterr


Fourth Grade Girls:

Coordinating Teacher: Amanda Barley

Assistant Teachers: Anne Sterr, Chloe Buffalino


Fifth Grade Girls:

Coordinating Teacher: Cyndi Wiginton

Assistant Teachers: Linda Baker, Anna Vincent (1st semester),

Homework: Wendy Naselli


Second Grade Guys

Coordinating Teachers: Betty Dahlhausen

Assistant Teachers: Anna Dahlhausen, Tim Dahlhausen


Third Grade Guys:

Coordinating Teachers: Tim Petersen / Claire Petersen

Assistant Teachers:  Michael Frederick, Asher Vincent, Haddon Wiginton 


Fourth Grade Guys

Coordinating Teacher: Arlene Still

Assistant Teachers: Kyle Frederick, Micaiah Wartak


Fifth Grade Guys

Coordinating Teacher: Tony Payne

Assistant Teachers: Malcolm Evans, Daniel Smitley, Lydia Vincent


Hostess: Elena Reyes


Refreshment Coordinators: Jeanne Keck, Yvonne Farnsworth, Toni Goodall


Childcare: Jacki Gillow