Released Time


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In October 2004, we officially began a relationship with Cherrydale Elementary School that has blossomed into a warm partnership. With the permission of Scarlet Black, the school principal, and the blessing of many parents, we were afforded the privilege to serve the students and families of CES.  Under the school's new principal, Debra Johnson (2015), the friendship is continuing.  

Each Wednesday (from September - March) after transporting the students to our church toward the end of the school day, we divide into classes and spend about one hour in Bible class activities, have a tasty snack, and then work away at homework until about 4:30.

Classes are identified by either academic grade and/or gender. The leadership team in each class consists of a teacher, an assistant teacher, and other helpers. The teacher coordinates the involvement of the leadership team in the singing, lessons, activities, etc.


 Released Time Ministry Team (2016-17)


Busdrivers: Nathan Dion, Malcolm Evans, Jesse Keck, Pastor Vincent


Bus riders:  Betty Dahlhausen, Malcolm Evans, Kathleen Enjaian, Royce Franklin, Anne Marie Frederick, Pam Kowalk, Cindy, Jason, & Caleb Skaggs, Arlene Still, Sophia Vincent (arrive in time to depart for CES by 1:55)



Coordinating Teacher: Alice Bradley

Assistant Teachers:  Gretchen Bradley, Susan Evans


First Grade Girls:

Coordinating Teacher: Valorie Barnett

Assistant Teachers: Anne-Marie Frederick, Olivia Bradley


Second Grade Girls:

Coordinating Teacher:  Angela Frederick

Assistant Teachers: Lydia Frederick, Jocelyn Brazeal, Grace Daley


Third Grade Girls:

Coordinating Teacher: Dottie Smitley

Assistant Teachers: Mary Kraus, Chris Dewey


Fourth Grade Girls:

Coordinating Teacher: Arlene Still

Assistant Teachers: Pam Kowalk, Cynthia McGuire


Fifth Grade Girls:

Coordinating Teacher: Cyndi Wiginton

Assistant Teachers: Kathleen Enjaian, MaryAnne Calvino


First Grade Guys:

​  Coordinating Teacher:  Kathy Oliver

  Assistant Teachers: Beth Wartak, Michaela Keck


Second Grade Guys

Coordinating Teachers: Betty Dahlhausen, Katie Rodgers

Assistant Teachers:  Kevin Frederick, Cindy Skaggs, Caleb Skaggs, Anna Wartak


Third Grade Guys:

Coordinating Teachers:  Jeanne Vincent

Assistant Teachers:  Margraret Sterr, Steven Frederick, Jason Skaggs, Sophia Vincent


Fourth Grade Guys

Coordinating Teacher: Jerrry Broere

Assistant Teachers:  Gina Broere, Malcolm Evans, Royce Franklin


Fifth Grade Guys

Coordinating Teacher: Jim Wiginton

Assistant Teachers:  Martin Grove, Jessica Sanders, Haddon Wiginton


Refreshment Coordinators: Jeanne Keck, Yvonne Farnsworth, Toni Goodall, Jennifer Spencer, Carol Crosby, Judy Stine, Jane Barbour, Patty Beam, Carole Ring, Linda Baker, Sue Chapman