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Whetstone Conference, 2018

Whetstone Conference

Dear Friend in the Ministry,

Our church website has been announcing since last Fall that we’re planning to host a Whetstone Conference June 26-29 this summer.  You may download the brochure here:  WhetstoneBrochure2018  Schedule: WHETSTONE-2018-Schedule

The conference this year is going to focus upon Satisfying Intimacy with God.  The emphasis will be two-pronged; (1) satisfying intimacy with God ourselves, and (2) pastoring our people toward it.

This focus is the result of several years of personal meditation, and also of many conversations (some with some of you) concerning the spiritual state of the contemporary Church.  On the one hand, there is much for which to be thankful. Never in history has there been such universal ease of access to the Scripture, to rich resources for personal Bible study, and to strong, vibrant teaching and preaching.  Preachers have a heightened appreciation for sound, systematic theology. More intentional nurturing of godly families within the rhythm of local church life is bearing reassuring fruit. And the missional character of church ministry is embraced enthusiastically by many young adults. They’re eager to plant new churches, evangelize unreached peoples, and implement innovative ways for cracking through into restricted access countries.

On the other hand it is increasingly difficult (nearly impossible, some say) to practice the one thing needful (Luke 10:42). The very advantages for increasing ministry are also some of the most formidable impediments to satisfying devotional intimacy with the Lord Himself.  It’s not a new problem. But it has new dimensions.

Our desire is to provide a few days for you to get away from your ministry in order to focus on your own satisfying, devotional relationship to the Lord.  We want to contribute what we can to helping you refresh it, and we’d like to present additional resources which you can implement for shepherding your people toward their own growing intimacy with Christ.

There also will be similar sessions for your wives and children that we trust will encourage and inspire. 

The conference is cost-free.  As in the past, our church is eager to provide everything you’ll need while you’re here, including housing, meals, child care, resources, and fellowship.  If you can get here, we’ll take care of you!

One of the purposes for this letter is to ask how many of you are thinking seriously of attending.  We’d also like to know if there are other preachers whom you’d like to invite so that we can plan to accommodate them as well.  Please just be sure to send us their name and e-mail address so that we can contact them directly. 

The registration information is still being finalized, but it would help us if you would send an email to and let us know if you would like to remain on our list for receiving Whetstone Conference information and/or if you think you will be attending this year’s conference.  If you think you will be attending this year’s conference, please include in your email the names of anyone in your family attending with you.  For children attending, please include their dates of birth, as we will be preparing sessions/events appropriate for the various age groups.  

You may continue to check here for further information or send a note to to indicate you would like to receive email communiques with updates.  


Mark Minnick