Jerid Jones - Facilities

God graciously inteJones_Jerid_small.jpgrvened in my life early, drawing my parents to Christ shortly before I was born.  My growing up years are stamped with the memories of my young Christian parents’ efforts to follow Christ.  When God later led my father into pastoral ministry, He used that influence to grow a desire for ministry in my own heart.  I eventually pursued training at Bob Jones University, graduating in with a degree in Bible in 2000.  In the ensuing years, the Lord postponed my own immediate plans for seminary and church planting in Maine for a very different school in the business world of construction.  For ten years, I owned a framing company, and then began a new phase as a project developer for a major builder.
I married Michelle in 2001, and we have spent the entirety of our married lives at Mount Calvary.  The next 16 years proved spiritually formative for me.  God used those years to humble and grow me in needful ways.  Ultimately, He used those years to kindle in me a fresh appetite for pastoral ministry, all the while preparing me without my knowing it for the ministry role I have today. 

God has given our family six wonderful children to rear for Him:  Makenna, Michael, Molly, Madelyn, Mark, and Megan.