Literacy for LIFE

This summer (2016) our church began a new evangelistic outreach that grew out of our ministry to Cherrydale Elementary School.  Literacy for LIFE is a home-grown, Bible-based reading intervention program for K5-3rd graders.  While aiming to help the students, the ministry also attempts to involve adult family members alongside the student and magnify the adult / parent role in the child’s ongoing improvement. MaryAnne Calvino has developed the curriculum and prepares weekly lesson plans for our 12 students.  We are able also to integrate a Bible lesson into the schedule.  The ministry takes place at church on Tuesday / Thursday afternoons from 3:00-4:30 for eight weeks during June & July.

Other ministry team members include: Patty Beam, Laura Belknap, Tabitha Belknap, Elizabeth Calvino, Sharon Calvino, Leslie Davis, Amber Eubanks, Royce Franklin, Mary Beth Hiller, Helen Houtz, Hannah Lovegrove, Jocelyn Lovegrove, Esther Neal, April Peck, Carole Ring, Mary Rodgers, Ashley Rush, Elena Smith, Nick & Sue Smith, Esther Talbert, Anna Vincent, Pastor Vincent.