Missionary Retirement Policy

Approved by Congregational Vote on 5/30/2018

This policy addresses the issue of the financial support of missionaries by MCBC once they reach retirement age or status. It is not intended to apply to missionaries who leave the field for other reasons. It is adopted with the desire to be wise stewards of the funds that the Lord graciously supplies through our church to spread the Gospel throughout the world as well as the desire to help our missionaries transition into their retirement years.


Mount Calvary Baptist Church Missionary Retirement and Review Policy

  • The Missions Committee will inquire about plans for retirement when any of our supported missionaries reach the age of 69. For married couples, the age of the husband will be the age considered.
  • Once a missionary reaches the age of 70, the Missions Committee, in consultation with the missionary’s board, will begin to review his or her status on a two-year cycle. Any possible changes will be considered by the Elders for recommendation to the Congregation.
  • Upon retirement, missionary support will be phased out as follows:
    • Full support will continue for the 6 months following return from the mission field or cessation of full-time missionary work.
    • If requested by the missionary and after review by the Missions Committee and approval by the Board of Elders, an additional 6 months of support at 50% of the full support level may be available.
    • Appeals for special consideration should be directed to the Missions Committee. Any possible changes will be considered by the Elders for recommendation to the Congregation.
  • If a missionary is widowed due to the death of their spouse during their active years of missionary service:
    • Missionary support will continue while he/she remains engaged in full-time missionary work.
    • If he/she chooses to return from the field, or does not remain engaged in full-time missionary work, their support will be discontinued according to the same procedure outlined in the MCBC retirement policy.
  • Because our church desires to honor those who have served the Lord as our supported missionaries, our church will welcome opportunities to include their prayer requests on our printed missionary prayer sheets and will encourage them to continue to use their God-given gifts in our congregation.
  • After the date of the approval of this policy by the congregation of MCBC, all individuals seeking missionary support will be required to have a retirement plan in place that factors in our church’s retirement policy.