With 740 hymns and more than 80 Psalms from the Scottish Psalter, Hymns of Grace and Glory continues the tradition of beautiful sacred music that has characterized the Protestant movement since the time of the Reformation. Hymns of Grace and Glory is an excellent addition to any worship service. It is printed on a top-quality paper that is opaque enough to make the hymn reading easy yet light enough to make this 816 page hymnal still fit in the pew. Includes an alphabetical index of tunes, a metrical index of tunes, a topical index, an author and composer index, as well as a title and first line index.

You are welcome to order these through the church office, or info@mountcalvarybaptist.org.  The hymnals are $13 each and come in navy blue.  Spiral bound copies (in the same color) are $19.00 each.