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Psalms and Worship

Tips For Use of Home / Family Worship Edition Songs

These settings of the psalms are designed to help you make use of the following features:

  • Congregational singing (text / music)
  • Basic audio files (to help learn the songs by ear)
  • Simplified piano parts 
  • Guitar chords
  • Lower keys

Shorter Ranges of Singing

Sometimes a song is harder to sing because it has a wide range of melody. We have tried to find tunes that will be easier to sing because they have a narrower range. These are also in lower keys. Sometimes keys were chosen in order to make it easier for guitar.

Many of the songs included are from our church hymnal supplement, Praise Glorious, but a few others are chosen especially because they might be good for private use and with children. All of the songs are either in the public domain or have been authorized for this use within our church. You may freely print these for personal use, but not for commercial use.

Easy Piano Parts

  1. Designed so that even beginning pianists may participate.
  2. Asking a piano teacher to include these in children's assignments may be a help.

A Note on the Guitar Chords

  1. Designed so that even beginning guitarists may play along.
  2. Guitar chords may not match the piano chords exactly. If a pianist is also playing along, in most cases it will be fine, but a chord or two may be different to be simple for guitar.
  3. Some guitar chords might not sound right to someone who is accustomed to hymnal chords; however, they should work for accompanying home singing.

Home / Family Worship Ideas

  1. Do not feel that you must sing every stanza. Fit the needs of your home. God may minister to you from one stanza just as He ministers at times from one verse of a psalm.
  2. Reading verses that go with the song is helpful.
  3. Discussing the meaning of the lyrics will enrich your singing. Do not assume that your family understands the meaning.




Simplified Higher w/ Guitar

Higher key


Simplified Lower w/ Guitar

Lower key audio

Psalm 01



Psalm 27





Psalm 28      


Psalm 32





Psalm 33




Psalm 42



Psalm 51




Psalm 55       wav_file_icon_small.jpg

Psalm 67





Psalm 73       wav_file_icon_small.jpg

Psalm 84





Psalm 91




Psalm 99






Psalm 100




Psalm 103 (A)





Psalm 103 (B) wav_file_icon_small.jpg wav_file_icon_small.jpg
Psalm 108       wav_file_icon_small.jpg

Psalm 110




Psalm 133       ​​​​wav_file_icon_small.jpg

Psalm 139





Psalm 145





Psalm 146





Psalm 149