Our church bookstore has served our church family since 2002, seeking to provide quality devotional, biographical, and commentary literature to our church family.  Typically, all of our inventory is sold at reduced prices. Shipping will depend on the amount purchased. 

You’re welcome to set up an appointment to drop by during the week, or inquire by email or phone (864.233.1684).  We’d be happy to serve you!


Hymn_Hbk2.jpgHymn_Spiral2.jpgWith 740 hymns and more than 80 Psalms from the Scottish Psalter, Hymns of Grace and Glory continues the tradition of beautiful sacred music that has characterized the Protestant movement since the time of the Reformation. Hymns of Grace and Glory is an excellent addition to any worship service. It is printed on a top-quality paper that is opaque enough to make the hymn reading easy yet light enough to make this 816 page hymnal still fit in the pew.

Includes an alphabetical index of tunes, a metrical index of tunes, a topical index, an author and composer index, as well as a title and first line index.

Pricing Information: Navy Blue Hardback ($13.00); Navy Blue Spiral-bound ($19.00, out of stock indefinitely in 2022)


Praise Glorious Hymnal Supplement

Praise_Glorious_small.jpgDr. Peter Davis, a long-time leader in our music ministry, put together a wonderful collection of new and old hymns and psalm settings into a volume entitled Praise Glorious.  None of these numbers are in our regular hymnal (Hymns of Grace and Glory).  Many of the texts and tunes are written by those within our own church family. 

Pricing Information: $9.00

Armory for Victory

Armory_for_Victory_small.jpgArmory for Victory is a collection of fifty scripture verses that our people memorized throughout 2002-2003. Each verse comes on a small color card, and can be kept in a convenient navy blue or mahogany leather wallet. Armory for Victory verse packets are available in four different translations: KJV, NKJV, ESV, and NASB.

Pricing Information: $6.50 per wallet



Though War Should Rise


Our church store is reissuing a timely resource that we first published in 2012. Though War Should Rise: Devotional Thoughts for Times of Trouble (135 pp) includes two titles originally written by Mrs. Howard Taylor [1865-1949], daughter-in-law to Hudson Taylor. Desiring to nurture the peace of God in her own heart as a middle-aged woman facing World War I and in her senior years as World War II loomed, Taylor models a wonderful example of composing and quieting her own soul in the Lord. This book makes a great gift to others facing trouble.

   Pricing Information: $9.50