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Ladies' Missionary Prayer Group (LMPG)

"Brethren, pray for us" (1 Thessalonians 5:25)

An Excellent Ministry Opportunity  

 LMPG is a ministry opportunity for the women of  Mount Calvary Baptist Church to band together in praying for our missionaries as part of fulfilling our mission as a church to take the Word to the world, to make true disciples of Jesus Christ.

To increase our understanding of and burden for missionary work, special speakers are invited to share their unique experiences and struggles. After hearing from the speaker, we divide to pray for our missionaries (young girls have their own prayer times). We then meet for refreshments and fellowship. Each month an offering is taken, and missionary biographies are available to borrow from our library. Periodically, we work on special projects that will directly benefit our missionaries. All the ladies of Mount Calvary Baptist Church are invited to attend—you do not have to be a church member. Meetings are held in the music suite once a month. Nursery facilities are available.

Understandably, not all ladies in our church are able to participate in LMPG; however, we can all challenge ourselves to greater faithfulness in staying informed about our missionaries and remembering them in prayer on a regular basis.

LMPG Officers 2019-20


President: Jeanne Keck

Vice-President: Meagan Minnick

Resource Co-ordinator: Janet Resue

Public Relations: Christiana Kendall

Recording Secretary: Jan Kendall  

Correspondence Secretary: Karne McGary  

Treasurer: Judy Stine  

Librarian: Megan Davis  

January 11, Friday

February 8, Friday

March 8, Friday

April 12, Friday

May 10, Friday

June 7, Friday

July 5, Friday

August 9, Friday

September 13, Friday

October 10, Thursday

November 8, Friday

December 13, Friday

As we meet together to hear from our missionaries and learn how to better pray for them, may we have an increased burden for their ministries that would press us to our knees in prayer on their behalf.   

Fraser Prayer Circle

To aid us in giving thanks to God for answered prayer, we would like to put together a Prayer Journal. If you are interested in praying for one of our missionaries and bringing the answers to prayer to our monthly meetings, please contact Jocelyn Lovegrove for more information.