Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Philosophy

Our youth ministry is an extension of our ministry to families. We recognize that God has placed parents as the primary spiritual influence in their family; therefore, our goal is to partner with parents to assist them in leading their families spiritually. We encourage our young people to honor, respect, and follow their parents.

Fellowships, Bible studies, summer camp, monthly activities, choir, evangelism, and community service projects are available for our young people.

Our young people are encouraged to participate in ministry in a variety of ways, and our youth ministry provides additional tools in the PACE program that help the young people establish a warm devotional life and other spiritual disciplines.

The Spiritual Needs of our Youth

The goal of our youth ministry is to come along our parents in their efforts to disciple their children through their Middle and High School years. We strive to water and nurture the seeds of the Word and faith that many of our parents have sown into the hearts of their children. Each of our monthly activities provides opportunities for serving ministry, edifying fellowship, and wholesome fun.