Tract Ministry

Pastor Minnick has said that the best way to witness to someone is to tell him/her of what Christ has done for you. We have asked a few ladies from our church to write out their testimonies with a clear and simple Gospel witness, and we have published them as tracts. They are now available in a tract rack to the left of the Fireplace Room free of charge to those who locally attend our church. If more than 25 copies of a particular tract are desired at one time, we ask that you cover the cost of printing. If you have questions about the cost of larger quantities of tracts, please contact Betty Rooks. Her contact information is in our church directory. We are unable at this time to offer shipping to other locations.

We encourage our church family to avail yourself of this tool to witness to people in our community and wherever you may travel. The stories are diverse in their details, so you might want to familiarize yourself with them so that you can distribute the ones that best fit the person to whom you are talking. Each one is designed with its own picture and color so that you can quickly distinguish them from one another. These personal testimonies are a special opportunity to get to share the story of someone you know and perhaps follow up with your own.