Mentoring Biblical Womanhood

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In Titus 2:1, the Apostle Paul instructs the young pastor Titus to speak to the churches the things which are “fitting for sound doctrine.” In verses 3 to 5 he says that the older women are to teach and encourage the young women in the church. The Mentoring Biblical Womanhood Sunday School provides a cycle of five different classes designed to meet the needs of various groups of women.

  • Young Mothers: for mothers who have any children from ages 0 to 10 years old.
  • Mothers of Teens: for mothers who have any children from ages 11 through 18 years old.
  • Mothers of Adults: for mothers who have any children college age and up. ­­
  • Encouragers of Young Women: for older, experienced women, married or single, to equip them to fulfill the biblical mandate for mentoring young women.
  • Single Women: for adult single women who have completed their basic education and entered the mainstream of life.


Each class is offered every four years during the Fall semester, with the exception of the Single Women’s class which is scheduled in the Spring. The lessons are taught by experienced godly women in our assembly who are willing to share what they have learned and encourage others.