Pilgrim's Progress
Reading Schedule

January 21–27

1) Bunyan's Apology for his book

2) Pilgrim journeys from the City of Destruction to the door of the Interpreter's house.

January 28–February 3  

Pilgrim journeys from the Interpreter's House through his tour of the Palace Beautiful.

February 4–10 From Pilgrim's leaving the Palace Beautiful, up to his meeting Talkative
February 11–17

From conversing with Talkative up through Faithful's martyrdom

February 18–24 From after Faithful's martyrdom to Bunyan's awaking after the pilgrim's converse with the Shepherds 
February 25–March 2 From leaving the Shepherds through conversing with Ignorance
March 3–9 From leaving Ignorance through the End
March 10–16 From the Author’s Way of sending forth His Second Part. . . to the Lord granting Christiana, her children, and Mercy forgiveness
March 17–23 From the Lord's showing them by what deed they were saved, to their leaving Interpreter's house.
March 24-30 From their leaving Interpreter's house to Matthew, the eldest son, falling sick


Past material on Pilgrim's Progress

The following map is believed to have been originally produced for and printed without color in the Trapp & Hogg edition (London, 1778) of The Pilgrim’s Progress by Thomas Conder, a well-known cartographer.  A later edition added color (D. Newell edition, New York, 1844).